What's up, I'm Sanya

making cool shit everywhere I go

About me

I'm designer and creative based in Detroit, currently working as an Interaction Designer at frog. Previously, I studied Information Science at the University of Michigan.

My past design experiences at frog, PwC, and Gambyt have given me a unique perspective on work dynamics and appreciation of a creative process that I bring into my own design practices.

Previously, I co-directed Shift Creator Space, a live-in maker space and playground for builders, and led the Design Committee at Kappa Theta Pi.

After hours, I tinker on side projects. I've built a How Might We statement generator web application, played around with Candles & Arduinos, and 3D modeling, like a Tile Piece that represents changes in ocean tides.

My collage was featured in Blue Mesa Review (page 44-45).

Fun fact, I was also a competitive figure skater for over 12 years!

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