what's up, i'm sanya

making cool shit every where I go

about me

I'm an interaction designer and creative based in Detroit, currently studying Information Science at the University of Michigan.

My past design experiences at frog, PwC, and Gambyt have given me a unique perspective on work dynamics and appreciation of a creative process that I bring into my own design practices.

Previously, I co-directed Shift Creator Space, a live-in maker space and playground for builders, and led the Design Committee at Kappa Theta Pi.

After hours, I tinker on side projects. I've built a How Might We statement generator web application, played around with Candles & Arduinos, and 3D modeling, like a Tile Piece that represents changes in ocean tides.

My collage was featured in Blue Mesa Review (page 44-45). Fun fact, I was also a competitive figure skater for over 12 years!

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