Facilitating buyer decision-making

Lead designer in revamping the entire product listing editor experience, resulting in improved user retention and a decrease in support claim tickets handled by our internal admin team.

Project @ TrustRadius
/Prototyping /Detailed Designs /User Testing

Project Overview

Create an effortless vendor experience that enables self-service value to create new product listings and edit existing ones. To achieve the milestone, I led the design track to launch the new product listing editor, resulting in improved user retention, maintained up to date  product profiles, and a reduction in support claim tickets managed.


My design facilitates collaboration between vendors on TrustRadius and our internal admin team. This streamlined system enables vendors to effortlessly create new listings and modify existing ones. Simultaneously, the internal admin team can efficiently approve requested changes and perform one-to-one comparisons of edits.

My Responsibilities

I organized usability testing sessions to validate designs and held frequent meetings with stakeholders to gather requirements. I collaborated  with my Product Manager and maintained regular communication with the Development Team to grasp technical limitations and gather feedback.

Gathering requirements and understanding user flow

Vendor experience

To interact with the Product Listing Editor, Vendors kickoff by navigating to their product portfolio. Within this interface, vendors can either initiate a new product listing or revise an existing one. Depending the section, the Admin team at TrustRadius must approve the modification and all new listings before publication.

Admin experience

Admin's role is to approve, reject, or edit the submitted requests and brand new listings for publication. Admins view the list of requests in a table and from there can make a variety of decisions.

Final Designs