frog design

Interaction Design Internship

Feb- Apr 2021
/Interaction Design /Illustration

Internship Overview

frog is a global design consultancy specialized in strategy innovation. frog's internship is a 10-week hands-on experience, working with senior designers, strategists, and developers. I had the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented design leaders during my virtual internship based in the Austin, TX studio.. As an intern, I listened and observed to soak in the unique perspective, design approach, and expertise of the experts around me. For the first time, I understood what it meant to put thought and rationale behind every design decision and the importance of detail in my work. I gained a new appreciation for following a design process in addition to questioning what I know (or think I know for that matter).

My Role

I had the responsibility to design user interaction flows and build medium-fidelity screens for MVP release as well as facilitate user research interviews and data analysis. I'm grateful for the chance to collaborate on design work with clients directly and participated in all client-facing meetings. My experience allowed me to hone on on my research, illustration, interaction design, and design thinking skills throughout two client projects I collaborated on.

Work is under NDA. Please contact me for more information.

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