Pediatric Patient Research

​Supporting pediatric patient-clinician collaboration and communication

Jun 2019 - Aug 2020
/Human-Computer Interaction Research
/Design Research /Human-Computer Design

Research Goals

Our research aims to understand current communication practices among different stakeholders including the pediatric patient, parents, and care team. Our findings provide effective design interventions for sharing information from children’s perspective of their care, such as patient’s information needs, emotional expression, and social support.


I worked under Sun Young Park from the Stamps School of Art Design as a Human-Computer Design Researcher to help pediatric cancer patients communicate and cope with their illness. During my experience, II met with pediatric cancer patients, caregivers, and providers to conducted 25+ user interviews and axial coding data analysis to identify communication breakdowns between adolescent cancer patients and healthcare stakeholders.

Academic Papers

I co-authored two papers that reveal our findings, themes, and design opportunities. The first paper analyzes positive adaptation techniques used by pediatric cancer patients to design health technologies. The second paper identifies strategies we observed healthcare providers use to drive the design of technologies to assist in pediatric cancer patient-provider communication.


  • Learning from Healthcare Providers’ Strategies: Designing Technology to Support Effective Child Patient-Provider Communication. (CHI 2021)
  • Learning from Positive Adaptations of Pediatric Cancer Patients to Design Health Technologies. (CHI 2020)
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