Lottery Direct

Using data to help lottery players improve the chances of winning a scratch ticket prize

Aug 2020
/UX Design /Visual Design

What is Lottery Direct

Lottery Direct is digital platform I designed during my internship at Gambyt, a gaming start up based in Ann Arbor. Lottery Direct launched in Florida in August 2020. View MVP at:

After three rounds of user interviews and many design iterations, my team and I identified pain points and narrowed down design opportunities to design and develop what Lottery Direct is today: a digital platform for lottery players to improve the chances of winning a scratch ticket prize.


The lottery is an industry that is run by state-monopolies with strict regulations. Lotteries have been slow to harness digital technology to power retail experiences or to transact online. Majority of US states utilize their state lottery websites to track lottery games, prizes, winners, etc. Currently, most state lottery websites publish prizes remaining as a static table which is often broken out by 1.) Top prizes across all games and 2.) All prizes within a game. Players can perform some basic sorting within the sites but lack deeper analytical insights or interactive tools to explore and discover efficiently.

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