p.o.v Card Game

A set of unique, thought provoking questions that encourage people to think outside the box and share their point of view on abstract topics.

Personal Project
/Game Designer /Physical Interaction Design /Social Experiment

The Story Behind p.o.v Card Set

I designed p.o.v card set to embody all I have absorbed from my friends, family, and mentors during the last four years at the University of Michigan. I met unique individuals who are unapologetically themselves, constantly teaching me new things about myself and the world. I attribute my self-growth to those around me. The last few years have taught me to question myself and what I think I know, be curious, and learn from others’ perspectives. I want to encourage levels of self-reflection by facilitating conversations that push you to think differently.

I hope you have takeaways that go beyond my intentions when playing p.o.v.

How to Play?

1. p.o.v can be played individually or with recommended 1-4 players

2. Shuffle cards and place in the middle

3. One player selects a card from the pile. The card will have a question that fits into one of three main categories (emblematic, definition, or scenario) .

4. Player reads the question aloud and answers the question first

5. All players should have an opportunity to share their point of view for every card pulled  

6. Use the fourth category, remix cards, to change up a player’s approach to answering a question

play testing with friends :)


1. Be curious

2. Question why?  

3. Different doesn’t mean wrong

4. Trust yourself

5. Have the courage to live your truth

6. Have intention behind everything you do

8. Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness

9. Self awareness

10. Quality over quantity

11. Every opportunity is a learning experience

12. Have a goddamn opinion